• Birthday weekend with Anna (day 1).

    Photo of the weekend  *drum roll*...

    There are a long chain of photos that act as a .GIF of this guy running at the Geese.  Hilarious though.  Such determination.

    Chicago:  The Windy City

    Anna's 20th was this weekend, so we decided to take a trip to Chicago for a little vacation, and to see a good friend of mine.

    How do you travel on a budget?  I'm sure there are many ways.  To us, it's Megabus.  Some people may cringe at the thought of taking it, since there are some horror stories floating around out there, but I've never had a problem with it.  It just sucks to sleep on.

    Rates start at $1 depending on how early you get around to booking.  Come on.  Who wouldn't take that? 

    We managed to stay fairly busy.  I don't see myself as the best tour guide or planner, but we managed fairly well.  Above everything though, food was a priority.  We started off with a popular restaurant called, Portillo's.  They serve Hot dogs, burgers, cheap eats in one line, and in another, they serve pasta, salads, pizza, etc.  Despite it's popular name, it's a fun place to experience.  The employees are all very charasmatic and outgoing, and most importantly, they serve good eats.

    Portillos:  Chicago Dog (onions, relish, spear pickle, sports peppers, ketchup, -mustard.  Never been a huge fan of mustard)

    Nourishment?  Check.  Half the locations I know are from growing up and taking trips with the 'rents.  The Shedd Aquarium is on that list of locations.  Full of aquatics and creatures that dwell in lakes, oceans, riverways, etcetera, it's a fun place to go through.  You think it wouldn't take an hour or two to walk through the place, but it really does.  You kind of get sucked in to all the neat stuff they have swimming around, and that's just general admission.

    Turtle battle! 

    Of course, a day would not be complete without going to Dinner. We went out with Yoahn and his friend, Dima, that is visiting from Boston.  Our plan was to indulge in Dim Sum, but they weren't serving it.  We decided to delve into other entrees (eggplant, tofu, peppers, etc).

    Yoahn, just being awesome.

    Dima, a pleasure to meet you.

    Well hello there, familiar one. :]

    - B