• Birthday weekend with Anna (day 2).

    Good morning, Chicago:

    The morning is never complete without coffee:

    For attractions, we started out with the bean in Millenium Park:

    Following the bean, we head over to what is formerly knows as, Sears Tower.  It's now Willis Tower.  They built those sweet glass balcony type things extending over the edge of the tower so you're standing out and looking down at the city below your feet.  Love it.  We stood in line for about an hour and a half to get to the top.  What was mind boggling is that you think one line is done, and you just end up right back in another one after transferring to a new room, with yet, another line.  Awesome.  Worth it though.

    Afterward, we took a gander to the North side of Chicago to visit threadless' retail store.  Good stuff.  

    With bellies full, we took a walk on the Navy Pier and went on the Ferris Wheel.  Haven't been on one of these things in forever:

    Desert to end the night?  I think so :]

    - B