• Birthday weekend with Anna (day 3).

    Birthday coffees and Chinatown

    Espresso, courtesy of Intelligentsia Coffee.  Best espresso I've ever had.  So smooth.  It tasted of brown sugar and sunshine.  Even 3 hours later (when I should be sick of the aftertaste, I was left wanting more.

    It was a double header for coffee.  Caribou has a birthday drink you get for free, so we went there first for breakfast and coffee,  but then ended up not finishing our drinks, so went around the corner to Intelligentsia.  Just can't get away from that place.  Definitely not complaining though ;]  

    Happy birthday, love!

    Anna has spent good portion of life living in China, and it's a huge part of who she is today.  So, what better place than to spend a day in Chinatown.  It's not the same, agreed, but if I can get as close to it as possible, then yes, lets go. 

    First things first.  We had some amazing Milk Tea from one of the first places I ate at here.  Joy Yee Noodle.

    Milk tea & Coconut Milk Tea

    The abundance of shops to gander around in are a must.  So that's where we started.  Found some awesome Panda shirst, a watch or two, some pendents from Final Fantasy to indulge my nerdy self, all of which weren't bought because of how much I don't need some of the things, and sizing issues.  No xs in mens and no Large in kids = SOL for Bryant.  We did however come across a lot of stuff Anna loves in the markets down here.  Dried dates, a certain Iced Tea that is really hard to find, Pomellos, some herbs, etc.

    Dinner tonight was Si Chuan styled food.

    They brought out some spiced cabbage for an appetizer kinda thing, along with a pot of tea, and later our order consisted of Si Chuan styled green beans, and if I remember correctly, Cumin rubbed lamb?  Something like that.  Delicious none the less.

    Leaving is always hard.  Half because it was our vacation and a small getaway, and half because of my past schooling and friends I've come to know.  Both cities have so much to offer on different scales.  Always happy to be from Minnesota though.

    - B