• Abandoned Cathedral - Gary, IN

    How it came to be:

    Erected in 1926, this structure was built not only to be a church, but a place where the community could gather as well (gardens, a community center, banquet halls, a motion picture booth, etc)

    In the 1960s, the congregation of the church could no longer afford the upkeep.  It was decided in 1974 that it would be closed off and sold.

    1997:  The church was badly damaged in a fire.

    Present:  "One architect has offered plans to turn the church into a "ruins garden" like those found in Europe."

    Abandoned Cathedral:  City Methodist Church - Gary, Indiana

    Often times when I find a beautiful wreck like this and try to find where it's located, I have no luck.  It's easy enough to google, but to save a step for anyone looking, here's the address:

    577 Washington St - Gary, Indiana

    Now, the visual tour of the place:

    - B