• Three Years Of Westerns And Counting

    2010, the travel bug hits

    It was my first time camping outside of my backyard.  I had never been to a national park, nor had I ever taken hikes in areas as vast as where we had gone.  This trip was with my friend, Luke, who is always up for adventure and the best friend a guy could have when a drastic change in life calls for a getaway.  With less than a weeks notice of the trip, we had our bags packed and head out west for a week.  Overwhelmed by the beauty, I was compelled to continue my travels and photograph as much of the world as possible.

    2011 - Travel and exploration had become a needed fix to keep sane...

    When I came home in 2010, I needed to surround myself with people, and reconnecting with old friends was my priority.  This also led to new friends, one of which accompanied me on the 2011 Western trip.  Her name was EV.  We had met late in the summer of 2010 and talked about the idea of a road trip.  So, if she was able to save up money, I would do the same and we would travel out west a year later.  We met with each other every Thursday up to the day of the trip to stay connected.  The anticipation leading up to the trip was intense.  I had put in nearly 300 days of work, no days off, usually working midnight to noon, and then having another 4 hour shift in the afternoon at a bagel shop down the road.  This drove me into the ground, and I had put in my notice for my last day to be the week before the trip.

    2012 - Travel, Love, Life.  They all connect.

    Before I left on my trip in 2011, I had met a girl.  Her name is, Anna. Many of you have come to recognize her through my 358 project, and also in continued aftermath photos.  During the past year, I would always tell Anna how beautiful it is out west and rant about Glacier (it's been my favorite so far).  I can't remember when we planned our trip, but it worked out perfect, as Anna's spring break from college had been during the week of my birthday.  We thought, "perfect," and made March 9th - 18th designated time for travel.  

    A batch of photos only posted here:

    Anna had found out she didn't have to work, so we left a day earlier in the afternoon and made it to Western Iowa, where my cousin, Kris, let us stay for the night.  She's a huge supporter of the arts, and hosts two art shows a year, always having me come set up.

    Heading out from Iowa, the first major stretch was through Nebraska.  For anyone that has been through Nebraska, you know why it's a "major stretch."  It's about a 430mile stretch of nothingness.  The speed limit jumps from 70 to 75, and the only towns are north or south of the highway about an extra 5 - 10 miles.

    Our first stop was Arches National Park.  This was a first time for Anna, both national park and out west.

    Quite the awesome site to walk out of your tent to.  (Monument Valley)

    The drive alone has such wonderous and vast views.

    We are talking about going to the Pacific Northwest (Washington) come this summer.  Olympic National Park will be the main destination, and you can't forget about stopping in Seattle for the coffee scene ;]

    - B