• Frozen Falls

    Every year in Minneapolis, Minnehaha Falls freezes over. Just about every photographer in the area has been here, but that shouldn't be a reason to stay away. This formation is awe inspiring, and when you get here at sunrise, you are alone. That's the best part. 

    I had the chance to sit down and write a bit while I was behind the falls.

    Splish, splash, trickle, and drop. Water droplets everywhere. The more you focus on them, the sound becomes deafening, their numbers only multiplied as morning goes on. Sunlight takes over as it rises above the hill. Columns have formed over time from freezing water, and have created windows, allowing light to illuminate the cave behind. Periodically ice will detach from its frozen home on the waterfall, causing an avalanche of ice to erupt on impact - shaking you to the very core - you would think the entire waterfall was collapsing.

    - B