• The Northern Air

    The North Shore in Minnesota is by far one of my favorite destinations to visit. All year round it offers an escape away from city life. Even if you only have a day to spend up there, you can get a nice fill of solitude and trails. This year was the first time I had ever visit the shore in winter, and I was in aw by frozen shores, ice slabs floating in the Lake Superior, and then as you drive further and further up the shore, it turns into clear waters and bright blue skies. The site of these waters and being able to breathe in the crisp northern Minnesota air puts me in a state of elation.

    Along the shore there are many waterfalls to hike into. With only a day up north you can really only travel to one of them. Well worth the trip we made. Water that was once rushing over rocks, creating deep pools was now frozen with ice thick enough to walk over it all. In some spots snow and ice revealed the force under the ice. Water was still rushing along as it had when it was melted, just hidden underneath. A dangerous surprise if you're not careful.

    Summer (2012)