• Day 1: To Travels and Trunks

    On May 13th Anna and I left for Beijing, China. Most of her family lives over there so we stayed with them during our stay. They are super generous hosts and took part in a lot of our outings. Much of Anna's life was spent living in Beijing, so it's really awesome that I got the chance to see where she grew up.

    I will be putting up blog posts that correspond with each day we were gone.

    Day 1: "To Travels and Trunks" 

    Some people love flying, some people hate it. For most, it's a love hate relationship. You're excited that you are going somewhere new, gaining new experiences, taking time off of work, traveling, and getting behind those gates that a boarding pass and a good record allows clearance for. But then there is the flight time, the airplane food, strangers, the chance of having a child seated behind you, the discomfort of never being in a comfortable sleep position - all factors that can bring a negative outlook upon flying.

    It's not that many of these factors happened on our trip. In fact, our flights were all relatively pleasant - minus of course getting to sleep in an upright position, but that's a tough one for most people. When getting on the plane there is always that walk through first class and you can't help but be a little bitter about it - you get to see how much leg room there is, those fancy seats, the gift bags everyone is digging through with goodies that are supposed to provide comfort for the trip. It's like christmas up there! For all I know they are given sleeping pills and a complimentary mini bottle of hard liquor for take off, but who's to say?

    Since I started working at the airport, getting past security and walking amongst thousands of travelers has lost some excitement, but we do get a celebrity here and there. Then there are the people that have just spent six months somewhere crazy. There was one guy that was returning home from being a ski guide in Antarctica (how crazy is that?). I don't know how he did it. My body can barely handle the lows in the Midwestern United States. But enough of all this. Here are some photos from the evening of take off.