• Day 3: Chill Mornings and Shopping Excursions

    Day 3: Chill Mornings and Shopping Excursions

    Staying with Anna's family meant some great breakfasts, cluding her moms baked oatmeal which I had never had until now.

    After a day exploring and hiking around, a chill day was needed (this pattern continues the rest of the trip). You might think of chill as, "we'll just lounge around the house all day," which is pretty close to what we did. Half a day of lounging was about all we could take, and then we head out into the world for some shopping at Zoo Market.

    Zoo Market is a maze of shops that seem neverending. Here you come to bargain and sift through knock off brands of clothes, shoes, accesories, et cetera. Sizes might be correct to someone in the world, but the label is never a thing to trust. You can't try on things, so you eye and hope for the best. Worst comes to worst and you're out a short amount of cash. 

    To bargain it is necessary to have someone with you that speaks chinese. I know next to none, so I just watch Anna negotiate, she then translates what's going on. By the end of the trip I was starting to do better with numbers. I think after this trip I will be looking into chinese for a language come fall semester. It's pretty much guaranteed that we will be back here in the coming years so, "thanks," and, "no thanks," just doesn't cut it.