• Day 4: The Wall

    We spent a night at Anna's brothers place and planned on a trip to the great wall. The part wetraveled to is called, Huang Hua Cheng. How we got there went a little something like this.

    We needed to take the subway as far north as possible, then catch two buses from beginning to end, and then another bus, and then a black cab up to where we would get on the wall. All adding up to 3 1/2 hours of traveling.

    When we had arrived there was a sign that read, "not open to the public," but beyond that there is a man you pay 10 yuan to use a ladder to climb up onto the wall. 

    Hills and mountains surround the wall with pollution hanging about (adds a nice mistly look), and at most we only ever saw a couple people on the wall. The further we walked, the more ruin like the wall became, which also meant greater difficulty to climb.

    When time came to get off the wall, a man on a farm opened his gate to us for 20 yuan. Let's not foget the dog that was growling and barking outside the fence as well. 

    Past the farm a road leads down to a village where we had just missed the bus that comes every hour. While waiting at a small restaurant, the locals started talking to us, and while I couldn't understand what anyone was saying, it resulted in a womans husband giving us a lift down the road to a bus that comes more frequently. Then began the long journey back home.