• Day 7: Staycation, Art Crawls, and Exploring

    While in China we were hoping to travel outside of Beijing. Maybe get into the countryside, maybe go hike through some forests, parks, wherever travel took us? But the money exchange it turned out we had less than we expected, but enough for a small trip if that's what we decided. Long story short, we decided not to (being that there is so much to see in Beijing already) and instead had a staycation with Anna's brother (Matt) and his wife (Kara). Kara was on a small break from work at the time, and that is where "staycation" comes from.

    798 district is an awesome art zone in Beijing with a large artistic community. Galleries and merchandise from working artists are available in small stores, and there are many art spaces to walk in and out of. 798 has a series of 50 year old decommissioned military factories that add to the space of their art exhibits. Works of street art are abundant here as well.

    To get to Matt and Kara's apartment while we were staying with them, we neeed to take a path that brought us past a garbage trench, and then over some railroad tracks where the trains still passed by. While running some errands for eggs we saw a man selling jewelry, where a woman and her son (or maybe grandson) were looking to buy. Further along we saw some vendors selling turtles, and a puppy just hangin' out in the middle of it all.