• Day 8: What Remains of the Olympics

    Waking up to Pidgeon, we started to prepare for our day. We all decided that we would bus out to the Olympic Forest Park and also see the Olympic Green.

    Olympic Forest is a large man-made nature park that was built alongside the Olympic Green for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.  It's one of those things that if you get the chance, seeing it is awesome - only once though. Then there are the exceptions that If you live around it and have friends or family in town, it's great to go see it again. Kind of like that exhibit you only thought needed one walk through. Souvenir trinkets are still sold on the sidewalks, souvenir photographs are still available, and from what I could hear, tour groups were also available. Still, I am glad I got to go look around at least once.

    Oh yeah, and there is a half empty mall underground here as well. That's where the lights and cute lookin' bull come from.