• Day 11: Hutongs and Meandering

    Hutongs are old traditional homes that used to cover much of Beijing. Many remain intact and are being protected to try and save this part of chinese cultural history, but at the same time many others are being torn down to make way for things like roads and apartments.

    The walkways we experienced through the hutong alleys were no wider than the span of ones arms. The streets that run through the hutong neighborhoods vary in width. In one neighborhood only a few bikes that had carts on the back could drive through. In another neighborhood only one car could travel through at a time. 

    If you notice the first character in the license plate below, it will indicate from what area it's from. This guy is from Beijing.

    What followed after our day of wandering through hutongs was a fancy date night at McDonalds (we originally wanted to go to a hutong pizza place, but were unsure about whether it was open or not), and then walking across town to explore, photograph, and eventually reach our goal of hitting up Slowboat Brewery.