• Day 16 and 17: Final Snippets

    The last few days we spent in Beijing were running errands, meeting up with people we hadn't seen yet, eating good food, and spending the last of our yuan at Zoo Market. I did my best to just enjoy time outside the lens, but carried the camera with me in case moments arise where I would regret not having my camera. But everything stayed pretty chill.

    The experience of traveling to Beijing has been all too surreal, and that's exactly what it is. Having been home for nearly four weeks now, it doesn't even seem like we were there. I find myself joking saying, are these my photos? I suppose I could have magically inherited someones hard drive...but that impossible, right?

    To experience a culture I've only brushed the surface on in years of education, and to do it with some really awesome people, has been such an amazing experience. And most of all, seeing where Anna grew up and lived for so much of her life has helped me better understand how aspects of life in China have shaped who she is.