• Zoey Update: Bitter Truths

    As most know, Zoey has been with cancer for nearly two years. She has been through poking, prodding, CAT scans, radiation, and most recently, surgery. After all this, she still greets the vets with a lick and a wagging tail, cautiously, but still happy. We're the same way. Our Oncologist makes us laugh, so that's a plus.

    This appointment on December 2nd was one we've been dreading for a month. During that time we have seen large regrowth of cancer. The once flat surface from eye and tumor removal surgery, now looks like she has another eye, except this time it is covered up with hair and skin. She also had brief diarrhea and colitis, which cleared up with help from our general vet, but prompted us to make an appointment with Oncology to make sure there wasn't more going on. 

    What's up: Our Oncologist says the regrowth is not something he's particularly pleased with, and that it is painful for Zoey. She still choses to be a happy dog over everything else that is going on, and that tells him that her pain is still able to managed. He predicts our dealbreakers will be 1) If she starts to be unsocial 2) If she shows no interest in food. This appoinment also led us into talked about euthanasia, and if we had looked into at all - we hadn't - so he walked us through what happens. Simply put, the time we have left could be weeks to a month. There is no way of telling right now.

    Zoey's cancer progression of last month has forced me to start thinking about her inevitable death, and how I will cope. Only one animal has died in my life - my gerbil, Derby, in the 4th grade - and it was emotionally crushing. This will be that to the nth power. 

    There was an article in the NY Times some months back in which a writer used his column as a way to process his dogs death. The tone of the article was sad, but it had a playfulness - the kind that makes you laugh as your just about to burst into tears...maybe I'll do something like that.

    Although there are fluctuating percentages of sadness, Zoey is still very much alive, and happy to be with us, and we are very happy to still have her. 

    - B

  • Far Away Places, A River, And Some Animals

    Here in Minnesota, the middle of March is a prime time to take a trip and shake off them winter blues. Ideally, to a warmer place. It's the perfect pick-me-up for the wandering minds that feel like they are at ropes end, and given the sheets of snow we've had dumped on us this year - warmth is good.

    This year took us 1,036 miles south to Tennessee to visit friends and family. Most of our adventures took place within cities - Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cleveland, Chattanooga, Madison - with a brief trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. 


    Louisville, KY

    Cleveland, TN

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Chattanooga, TN

    Chicago, IL

    Madison, WI

    - B

  • Dogwood Throwdown

    The following are candid shots from the latte art throwdown at Dogwood Coffee on March 5th. Baristas from the surrounding area came together to drink beer and pour lattes. Some shops that participated include: Quixotic, Urban Bean, Bull Run, Spyhouse, Dogwood, Parka, River Rock, Peace, Publika, and more.

    The winner of the evening was Keith from Dogwood Coffee

    Image below of the bracket taken by Andrew, who competed from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts 

    - B

  • Thrifty Finds Are One of A Kind.

    You can find some pretty awesome things at the thrift store, and this dress was one of them. It fit Anna perfectly, all for a whopping $3! Even if we only use it just this once for a fun shoot, it was totally worth it.

    Also, I couldn't wait to get out and shoot with Canon's Mark II, which is my most recent investment. My 5D has been taped together, and I've noticed a drop in quality at some recent shoots, so I have put it on the shelf to rest, and will use it as a back up now. 

    Anna's gloves make for a perfect reflector.

    This guy wanted to get a photo taken with Anna.

    We heart trees.

    Nothing better than ending the day with truffles from this place.

    - B

  • Sarah & Mike

    The newly engaged couple! Had a really fun time with these guys. Got to utilize the 1.2, walk through some beautiful areas, and catch up on life. I met Sarah at a party of hers a couple years back that a coworker invited me to. I later ran into Sarah at the grocery store I'm always shopping at. Since I was shopping at that location almost everyday, it gave us the chance to easily keep in touch. Then there's facebook, which brings us to where we are today.

    - B

  • Mornings, Excursions, and Photos

    There actually comes a time when I manage to get in touch with friends. Rare. But it happens.

    EV and I got together a few weeks ago, just before we started up school and our schedules started filling up. We cooked up some breakfast at her place, then we head out for a short excursion to Wisconsin for New Glarus beer, and hiking in Willow River State Park. 

    Let the good times roll. Just need to make more of them.