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  • Road Trip: Lake Superior

    I love spontanious trips.  Some of the best adventures I have ever had have been set in motion by the words, "hey, want to go on a road trip?" One time it was a week in advance, and another time it was a casual mention of a road trip a year in advance.

    The case with this trip came from how much stress we were carrying from Zoey's cancer, and the nature fix that had been absent in our lives for some time. At this point Zoey had been 2-3 weeks past surgery and her sutures were looking pretty great. Anna had time off work already, and with some help from the amazing folks over at Parka to cover some of my work, we were able to make this trip happen.

    We drove most of the way around Lake Superior. From the North shore of Minnnesota, to the actual north shore of Superior in Ontario, and then down into Michigan. Unfortunately we didn't have time to travel closer to the shore through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, or Northern Wisconsin. Next time!

    All photos taken with: Canon 5D MKII + Canon EF 40mm f/2.8

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3: (zoey was eyeing flys in the fire pit)

    Day 4

    Day 5:

    - B

  • 23 And Counting

    A lot has happened this past year. Awesome things I can remember, awesome things I can't remember, but here are some highlights I know of:

    We kickstarted the year with being out west. Not a day goes by that I wish we were out there traveling around still.

    This summer I got a chance to meet the rest of Anna's family when they were back in the states this summer.

    Successfully made a handful of camping trips up to the North Shore of Minnesota. It wasn't until these past couple of years when Anna and I started taking trips that I really got to explore up north.  No idea such a beautiful landscape existed up there. Happy to finally discover that.

    Made it down to Indiana twice to visit Anna's sister and brother in law. They always have such awesome things to show us. Restaurants, local beer, the swimming quarry, they're always giving us one more reason why Indianapolis is so awesome.

    I also started school again during the fall semester. Still working on generals.

    Those were but a few of the 22-23 highlights. Here is what happened during the birthday.

    open faced breakfast sandwich, carrot/apple/ginger juice, and of course, the phone.

    Anna treated me to breakfast at Tao Natural Foods, which is an awesome little organic and vegetarian restaurant in south Minneapolis I have been wanting to eat at for a long time.

    We did some antique browsing during the afternoon, which took up a surprising amount of our time. It's amazing how much stuff can be packed into corners and basements! It's like magic doorways appear around every corner after you've looked at so much stuff. Seriously.

    Gifts wrapped by Anna. Her wrapping and packaging are like works of art compared to my hodge podge wrapping jobs. For example, if I run out of paper on one roll, I'll pick up the slack with another. Bottom line, my gift wrap jobs are never pretty.

    From dinner on our friend Jeff had joined us. We went out to Blackbird Cafe. We had some Duck Rolls for starters, and then we got a bunch of stuff to share, including Braised Cauliflower, Brussel Sprout Hash, Fried Kalamari, and a bread basket, you can't forget the bread basket.

    And the most anticipated part of the night...Fulton!

    "Ordinary guys brewing extraordinary beer." - Fulton

    From four guys brewing out of a one car garage in a South Minneapolis alley back in 2006, they have become the Twin Cities first brewery taproom in March of 2012. Fulton has come a long way, and they continue to brew their exceptional standard line up of beers, and something they like to call their "garage series." Right now they have an imperial coffee stout (delicious!) which has been infused with whole beans of coffee from Peace Coffee.

    So overall, another year done, and another year begins


    - B

  • Thrifty Finds Are One of A Kind.

    You can find some pretty awesome things at the thrift store, and this dress was one of them. It fit Anna perfectly, all for a whopping $3! Even if we only use it just this once for a fun shoot, it was totally worth it.

    Also, I couldn't wait to get out and shoot with Canon's Mark II, which is my most recent investment. My 5D has been taped together, and I've noticed a drop in quality at some recent shoots, so I have put it on the shelf to rest, and will use it as a back up now. 

    Anna's gloves make for a perfect reflector.

    This guy wanted to get a photo taken with Anna.

    We heart trees.

    Nothing better than ending the day with truffles from this place.

    - B