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  • The Last Goodbye

    Sweet Zoey,

    You have been amazing to me the past 3 1/2 years. I got you as a pup, when I was in need of friendship. You became my companion, my best friend, and my little girl. You have been through a broken bone, poking, prodding, radiation, medication, and surgery. But in the end we lost, and now it's time to say goodbye. 

    To everyone that has helped us over the years financially, thank you so much. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to give Zoey the past two years of her life, and that life was well spent. Zoey has gone to Canada, numerous camping trips on the north shore, adventures on road trips, and has made so many faces smile in the world.

    I love you so much Zoey, and I hope someday to see you on whatever other side there is for us in death. 

    The following are photos from the time we got Zoey as a pup, until our final walks.

    Goodbye, sweet girl. You are gone, but never forgotten.

    - B

  • Zoey, One Week After Surgery

    It's hard to believe that one week has already passed by. The first hardship was getting used to the site of Zoey only having one eye, but by the end of the day we had gotten pretty comfortable with the fact. During the first night I think I woke up about every hour when she would sneeze - each time I would get out of bed to make sure her stitches hadn't broke, or that there wasn't more blood than what was to be expected while her incisions were healing. Luckily Anna and I both had days off after the procedure, so it was nice to stay at home and make sure the first steps to recovery started smoothly. 

    Zoeys mood is peppy as ever. She plays, she gets excited, and is still so affectionate. Today (7/24) was her first outing away from the house, unfortunately I wasn't around for it, but Anna told me she was so happy to be outside on an adventure again. I got to see her in the evening and snap some photos.

    We learned tonight that the tumor was an osteosarcoma (bone tumor), and that with the surgical removal we just went through, they follow up with chemotherapy for best results. The U of M talked with us over the phone about this, and brought up the future and what the expected life span is after the treatment. They predict 12-18 months for the type of tumor Zoey has, including chemo. We meet with oncology again on August 12th to move forward with treatment, and get her stitches removed.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

    <3 Bryant, Anna, & Zoey

  • Happy (belated) Birthday, Zoey!

    Zoey turned 1 on April 5th. We were off by 6 days, but I'm terrible at remembering these things.  Then again, it doesn't help that I've been reading her "registered date" as her "birthdate" for the past 10 months. None the less, since it was her special day (6 days late), we did all the things she loves. Toys, treats, walking, off leash dog park and etc.

    She had to put up with the birthday hats and camera in her face, but that's a small price to pay for what this pup got.

    Zoey loves stuffed animals, so we stopped by the thrift store and picked her up a few.  They don't last long. The minute she gets a new animal, she makes it her mission to destuff the plush toy, and usually succeeds within 10-20 minutes. On top of new toys, we baked her some homemade peanut butter dog treats, some pupcakes, and also picked up some rawhides from the petstore that look like sushi.

    Pupcake!  Complete with apples, applesauce, nummy spices, a cream cheese frosting and a graham cracker top. In case anyone is wondering, "should a dog really be eating that?" We looked up recipes that were safe before we started baking.

    Presents! Rawhides, plush toys, treats.  Nothing better.

    Like most, one pust play the minute a new toy is recieved.

    After we celebrated at home, we took a trip out to the off leash dog park with Anna's dog, Bryr. Zoey and Bryr have become quite a long way in the past 10 months.  Zoey, being a small dog and somewhat possessive, used to have issues with other dogs.  Bryr, being the good sport he is (he's also a much older dog), took it in strides with a good attitude and helped her get through that phase. A great role model.

    Overall, a successful late birthday. On to the next year of Zoey's life! 

    - B