City Methodist Church was built in 1925 and closed in 1980. During it's prime, it held a congregation of nearly 3,000 members. Though, such a structure did not come without a cost. At a cost of one million dollars, City Methodist held a sanctuary with roofs up to 50' high, elaborate stone work, a 1,000 seat auditorium, gymnasium, and even store fronts - which were established in hopes of offsetting the cost of maintenance.

The next 60 years would hold ups and downs as the congrgation dwindled. Steel employment would drop, poverty and crime would rise. The Methodists eventually moved out and a second congregation took over until the 1980s. Storefronts and office space would be utilized for a time yet, until everyone moved out.

There are are two entrances into the building, with no "no trespassing" signs. It's worth the visit if you are ever in the area.